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Micom P 143

Micom P 143


Product Details:

Model Name/Numberp143
Relay TypeDistance Protection, Feeder Protection, Motor Protection

The MiCOM P14x range is suitable for all applications where overcurrent protection is required. It is suitable for solidly earthed, impedance earthed, Petersen coil earthed and isolated systems.First application shows a parallel transformer protection where the P141replaces many of the discrete protection elements normally associatedwith the LV side of the transformer. The protection includes nondirectional and directional phase overcurrent and earth fault, restricted earth fault and circuit breaker failure protection. The second application shows a P143 protecting a plain feeder using phase overcurrent, sensitive earth fault, negative sequence overcurrent, thermal protection and breaker failure protection. The integral autorecloser with check synchronising can beconfi gured to grade with downstream reclosers.

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